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About Avted


    AUDIO VISUAL TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT JSC(AVTED) was established in 2007. With the presence of many experienced domestic and international experts and engineers, AVTED is a professional, leading designer, supplier of equipment and technology solutions in the fields of Radio-Television, Electronics-Audio-Visual, Cinema-Culture; Communication-Information; Education, Telecommunications

    At the same time, AVTED is also a reputable and high-quality Design, Construction and Installation of M&E and fire protection systems, highly appreciated by customers nationwide.

    AVTED has a long-term cooperative relationship and we regularly provide equipment, machinery and supplies to central agencies, Ministries, Departments of Information and Communication, Departments of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Tourism, Department of Education and Training, Radio and Television stations, film production studios, companies, hospitals, school…

    With many years of experience, AVTED implements many large and small projects nationwide with professional staff and modern equipment system…

    To become a professional supplier, design and construction of technology solutions leading in the world. contributing to promote the development and application of science and technology in the domestic industry..

     Promoting the industrial revolution 4.0 to individuals, businesses and organizations. Providing services on the basis of professional technology, quality, competitive cost, global scale. Building a corporate culture that attachs the interests of each individual employee with the common interests of the whole company, attachs the interests of the enterprise with the interests of society and the community.

    AVTED upholds its responsibility and each member of the Company in the Vietnamese business community, committing to contribute to the development of the community.

III.Core values:
    People are the foundation for development: With the motto “Customer benefits are the development of the company”, AVTED takes people as the center of the biggest asset of the business. Each person, each position in the company are selected as the most suitable; most flexible; adhere to the highest “honesty and responsibility” principle at work.

  Focusing on technology: Applying the most modern technology to the products and services being provided, AVTED is currently the leading enterprise in Vietnam in terms of services based on technology technology 4.0.

  Customers are the focus: The interests of the customers are Avted’s top priority, all activities of the Company are directed to the interests and views of the Customers.

  Focus on technology: Operate on modern advanced process system, global 4.0 standard, professional to each department level. AVTED always meets the needs of customers in the shortest time, highest quality and most competitive price.

IV.We are AVTED:

1.Design, Provision and Installation of Sound, Lighting and Video System:

+ Design and install specialized equipment systems for meeting rooms, conference centers, halls, public…

+ Design and install Sound-Light System, LED screen dedicated to Studio, Studio, Stage, Theater, Cinema, Club, Restaurant, hotel…

+ Design and install TV station system, movie production system, mobile TV system…according to HD, 4K, 8K standards…

2.Design, Construction and Installation of Mechanical- Electrical (M&E) System:

    With many years of experience in Design and Construction of Electromechanical – Light Electrical Systems, AVTED is always at the forefront of applying technology solutions for automation, security and safety, control, media, broadcasting , and communications… for agencies, factories, enterprises, control centers, amusement parks, trading centers, theaters…

3.Design, Construction and Installation of Fire Protection System:

   Avted is a designer, construction and installation of fire protection system with modern advanced technology, ensuring high fire safety for offices, factories, trading centers and high apartment buildings…



Corporate headquarters

Address: No.68 Lane 72 Duong Khue, My Dinh 2, Nam Tu Liem, Ha Noi
Phone: 024.3573.8635 – Fax: 024.3573.8636
Email: Contact@avted.com.vn

Project Division: 024.3573.8635                                     Technical Department: 024.3573.8635
Mr Quy: 103                                                                        Mr Son: 107
Mss.Tra: 104                                                                       Mr Trinh : 105

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