About Us

  AUDIO VISUAL TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT JSC(AVTED) was established in 2007. With the presence of many experienced domestic and international experts and engineers.

 AVTED is a professional, leading designer, supplier of equipment and technology solutions in the fields of Radio-Television, Electronics-Audio-Visual, Cinema-Culture; Communication-Information; Education, Telecommunications…

  At the same time, AVTED is also a reputable and high-quality Design, Construction and Installation of M&E and fire protection systems, highly appreciated by customers nationwide.

  AVTED has a long-term cooperative relationship and we regularly provide equipment, machinery and supplies to central agencies, Ministries, Departments of Information and Communication, Departments of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Tourism, Department of Education and Training, Radio and Television stations, film production studios, companies, hospitals, school…

With many years of experience, AVTED AVTED implements many large and small projects nationwide with professional staff and modern equipment system…

Project Overview

With many years of experience, we have been

and will do well in our core areas nationwide such as:

Why Choose Us ?

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  • Standard => Reputation => Trust
  • Founded in 2007, AVTED immediately established itself as a leader in the design and installation of professional audio-light products nationwide.
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  • Long term warranty - Lifetime support
  • For AVTED, Customer Engagement is our success. With the products and services provided by AVTED, customers not only receive the warranty according to the manufacturer's standards, but also receive professional support from the technical team throughout the use process.
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  • Goal - Mission
  • To become a professional supplier, designer and constructor of Sound-Light technology solutions; The world's leading radio and television, fire protection, light electricity. Always update and innovate product models, application software from abroad... Contributing to promoting the development and application of science and technology in the domestic industry.
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  • Dedicated- Professional
  • AVTED gathers a team of experts on Sound-Light in the construction industry, designing professional works. From staff to management are trained with high professional experience...Working in large and small projects across the country for many years. We always take the heart as the root to bring the best quality service to our customers.

Achieved Awards

Acknowledge the achievements as well as the positive contributions that AVTED has made over the years. The Government, the business community and society have given us many worthy awards such as: Second Class Labor Medal; Third-class Labor Medal; Government emulation flag; Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister; Certificate of Merit from the Ministry of Finance; Certificate of Merit from the Minister of Science and Technology; Certificate of Merit from a number of Television Stations; National Quality Gold Award; Vietnam Strong Brand Award; Cup Top 10 Title of Prestigious Companies, ISO Gold Cup...and many other noble awards.


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